Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Festive 500 - day 5

Day 5 – The Long and Winding Road

Long ride today – actually the ride that I had planned for yesterday. It had a little bit of everything; tail- head- and strong crosswinds, a few drops of rain, ice, wet and dry tarmac and some clouds and a lovely sun.

With +5 degrees Celsius the riding conditions today would have been excellent (at least for being Sweden in December), if it wasn’t for the wind. The wind yesterday was a bit stronger in the gusts, but today it was more intense, blowing all the time. Had some parts with a really tough cross-wind. The round ended with 10K on flat clean tarmac with the wind in the back, enabling me finish strong.

The Long and Winding Road
Up in the sky
The temperature had risen up to +10 degrees Celsius during the night (which is really unusual, normal temperature is something like -15 in the end of December). This made it a spring like feeling riding today since almost all snow had melted away.

Ended up with a good 92K in 3:23 today, making a total of 311K. Four riding days to go and 189K to cover. Thinking about taking a well-deserved sleep-in and rest day tomorrow (all rides have started before 8am so far). 189K in 3 days shouldn’t be a problem.

Morning light at lake Nedre Dammen
Sunny ride today
Almost there - hang in!

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