Monday, December 26, 2011

Festive 500 - day 4

Day 4 – Blowin’ in the wind

I had a plan for today’s ride – it got whipped by the storm Dagmar. The plan was a 80K ride around-the-lake-ride including some nice small roads. However Dagmar had been howling through the night, leaving a lot of fallen trees blocking the road. The temperature had also turned several degrees above freezing during the night, leaving the lesser roads with a layer of crystal clear bare ice. Hence, my planned trip turned into a 25K there and 25K back ride, in order to stay on clear roads.

Trees... on the road
The highlight of the day was a really old man out walking his dog. When I passed him he shined up in a bright smile and gave me thumbs up. Actually almost the first one who hasn’t stared at me in disbelief during my Festive 500-days. I’m pretty damn sure he used to be a really badass rider.

Banked 50K in 1:54 today, for a total of 219K. Hopefully I will be able to get a 80K+ ride tomorrow.

Gee thanks Dagmar!

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