Friday, December 23, 2011

Festive 500 - Day 1

Ok, from now on and until approx. New Year’s Eve this blog will be written in English. The reason for this is of course the Rapha Festive 500 – Ride to Redemption. Possibly some other contestants will check this out, and hopefully the Festive 500 grand jury will like too… and award me the mega grand super prize. Or a badge.

Day 1 - Magic Misery Ride

Got up at 8am, got dressed for misery conditions (0 degrees Celsius, some wind and light rain), mounted lights, had a light breakfast, dismounted lights and left my parents-in-law.

My bike shortly after the first (and only) fall.
Started out with a strong headwind. Excellent way the get the heat up. Actually managed to catch some tarmac along the first leg. Then 14km of pure ice/snow-slush. Really slow and really heavy. Stopped for a tweet along the way.

Winter creek
Somehow I actually enjoyed the ride
Passed though the village where I grew up (partly) some 20 years ago. Took a picture. Didn’t feel the urge to move back.

The old mansion where I used to live
Passed though the town where I went to junior high. Still didn’t feel any urge to relive those days again. Then I had some magical km’s on clean tarmac with a strong tailwind. Then slush for the rest of the ride.

The jacket and the jersey did their job today.
Ended with 55K in 2:25 and an average speed of 22.8 km/h. Considering the condition of the roads today this must have been a great core and low-cadence muscle workout. I wonder if it’s the same for the Australians and Rapha group rides in San Francisco?

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